Arlovski vs Abdurakhimov

UFC Fight Night 136 Moscow: Andrei Arlovski vs Shamil Abdurakhimov Live Stream Online

Moscow will host the card of the first UFC event on the 15th of September. During this event, the octagon of the “Olympic” sports complex will bring together two representatives of the heavyweight division – Russian speaking fighters Shamil Abdurakhimov and Andrei Arlovski.

Arlovski, who was once the UFC champion in the heavyweight division informed his fans about the fight against Abdurakhimov in his Instagram. The fighter wrote that the fight would take place in Moscow and he would have to resist a quite dangerous and strong rival.

It should be noted that the Belarusian fighter Arlovski and Dagestan athlete Abdurakhimov take the 11th and 13th places in the current rating respectively. Each of fighters has good chances to get to the top ten of the best fighters of the planet according to UFC in case of a victory in this meeting.

Andrei, who is called “The Pitbull”, is already quite mature fighter as he is 39 years old. Despite his age, he regularly comes to octagon. At the same time, the Belarusian fighter does not take into account his state: whether he witnesses a rise after victories in fights or he experiences a series of defeats. This year will see the third in a row meeting of Arlovski and Abdurakhimov.  March of this year brought Andrei a victory at UFC 222, where he confidently won Stefan Struve according the judges’ decision. However, he was defeated by Australian fighter Tito Iwase in June at UFC 225.

It is noteworthy that most experts predicted the victory of the Title in that battle because no one took seriously the fighter from Bobruisk. There were also those who believed that the former champion will be knocked out by the Australian star in the first round. However, everything happened quite differently – Arlovski exactly repulsed the entire distance, while making the fight quite close.

The latest performances of the Belarusian fighter showed him in the best light. We can assume that it was influenced by Andrew’s transition to a fairly well-known training camp “American Top Team”.  Since then, the veteran has begun to show a slightly different style of combat. In particular, the Andrei’s arsenal doesn’t include side kick and double kick in the body and the knees of the opponent, although it has been his raisin earlier. To date, the Belarusian fighter pays more attention to take downs and work with partner. Perhaps, these are adjustments of Arlovski new coaches.

Taking into account the age of “The Pitbull”, his chances of winning the League titles are quite low, but the desire not to stop there and to go further is respected.

Shamil Abdurakhimov is younger than his opponent, as he is now 36 years that is also considered close to retirement age in mixed martial arts. Today the Dagestan fighter has only 5 duels in UFC in his arsenal. The Russian hasn’t managed to get a victory over fighters from the top ten, but he has a chance to fight against athletes from the TOP-15 list.

The Dagestan fighter has lost 2 fights out of 5. Moreover, they were both ahead of schedule, however he fought against very dangerous opponents in these matches. In particular Shamil was defeated by Timothy Johnson in April 2015. He knocked Abdurakhimov out in the first round. The second defeat took place in December 2016, when he lost to Derek Lewis during the fourth five-minute. The Dagestan fighter simply did not have enough endurance.

Despite the defeats in the track record, Abdurakhimov has chances to get to the list of top-10 fighters of UFC in case of victory over Arlovski.

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