UFC Fight Night 136 Moscow: Mark Hunt vs Aleksei Oleinik Live Stream Online

The Moscow Olympic sports complex will see the fight of two very interesting and strong fighters on the 15th of September. This day Russian puncher Aleksei Oleinik and New Zealand athlete Mark Hunt will meet. There have been a lot of rumors about this fight, but the official information from the UFC was announced in July.

Immediately after this, the experts and all publications related to mixed martial arts started to express their opinions, make predictions on the upcoming fight. Most of them agree that it is almost impossible to predict the exact forecast, as both candidates are quite serious fighters. There is no obvious leader and there is no outsider, the fighters are equal.

It is also worth noting that the athletes express pretty sober comments, none of them is too confident in their abilities. They assess the capabilities of their opponents quite realistically. In particular, Oleinik noted that Hunt had a very important and strong point in his fighting style. The Russian fighter is confident that the New Zealander has a steady head. He said that it would be almost impossible to blow Mark’s head. However, he believes that the opponent has a fairly strong blow potential, and that’s why he will develop tactics to resist it.

Oleinik compared Hunt with a huge rhinoceros, which is impossible to hit with an ordinary blow. According to the Russian fighter, the New Zealander is very inconvenient in fight as he has the center of gravity shifted downwards therefore the wrestling tactics is not always possible.

As for Hunt, he also analyzes his opponent quite soberly. He considers that Oleinik is the strong fighter with whom it is necessary to be quite careful. Also the New Zealand puncher compares the Russian fighter with himself. Despite it, Mark considers that he has big chances to win this fight. He bets on fighting in later rounds. According to the New Zealander, he needs to withstand the onslaught of Oleinik in the first part of the match, after which he has every chance to translate the fight in the direction that he needs.

Some sources claim that Hunt puts a big emphasis on endurance, working at trainings in this direction. Such a calculation is justified, as Mark show good mobility and be movable. In this case, he can avoid frequent hits from Aleksei, thus exhausting him and deal out blows.

Also, many experts are inclined to the fact that Hunt needs to combine shock equipment and work on the ground. In the second case, the Russian fighter has a lot of experience and can offer some effective techniques. Although, Oleinik noted that he would not be able to use a number of his techniques from the arsenal, in particular, suffocation of the New Zealander will not pass. The reason for this is his low-set head, small and massive. Aleksei’s arms aren’t long enough to apply this technique in relation to the opponent.

It should be noted that UFC tournament of such level is held for the first time in the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is not surprising that this battle is of great interest to the Russian media and Russian fans. All of them look forward to the 15th of September, when they will see the famous fighters in the octagon. As this fight is held in Russia, it can help Aleksei Oleinik to win, because he may enlist the support of local fans.

The stream will be live on Saturday September 15 at 2:00PM GMT, so stay tuned.

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