Aleksei Oleikin

Aleksei Oleinik

Aleksei Oleinik was born in Kharkov, Ukraine on the 20th of June 1977. During his childhood, the boy was not seriously engaged in any martial arts, he just did everything possible to lead an active lifestyle. A part of this lifestyle was the fact that he was engaged with free weights (kettle bells, barbell), did push-ups and run regularly. At that time, the city had a lot of different sports sections, many of which Aleksei visited. In particular, he liked taekwondo, karate, though he did not stay there for a long time. He spent most of his time on the section of Japanese judo.

Aleksei became interested in single combats in 1996 when he was 19 years old and he was already a student of one of the Kharkov universities. At that time he was a second year student and he combined his studies with trainings in the gym. Oleinik’s fight career started in the Kharkov “Minamoto Clan” club by learning jiu-jitsu. The athlete had an opportunity to participate in various competitions. In particular, he entered the ring in a fairly new and very interesting discipline – “fights without rules”, which had never been held previously during the existence of USSR.

The first serious Aleksei’s mentor was Gennadiy Minka, who noticed his potential. The young athlete went to the World Cup which took place in Moscow already within 6 months after the beginning of trainings. It should be noted that the first competitions on “fights without rules” were held in the capital of the Russian Federation in 1997. Here, the athlete managed to reach the quarterfinal, where Aleksei was able to use the “guillotine” to force Igor Akinin to surrender. In the semifinal fight Oleinik  was caught by a similar technique of Leonid Efremov. It should be noted that the young Kharkiv citizen did not give up on suffocation and began to suffer, as a result of which he lost consciousness.

Despite defeat in Moscow, Alexey returned to Kharkov with big enthusiasm and gained a good physical shape for a short period of time.

Since 2000, Oleinik  has spent more and more time on the territory of the Russian Federation, training either in St. Petersburg or in Moscow, taking part in various competitions.

Alex made his debut in UFC in 2014 in the framework of the Fight Night 44 tournament. His first opponent was the American fighter Anthony Hamilton, who was defeated by young Aleksei.

To date, Oleinik  has 56 fights in his experience. They include 44 wins, 11 losses and one draw. The Russian fighter will have his next fight against Mark Hunt.

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