See Mick Fage's School of Wresting at Bulldog Bash 9th to 12th August 2012, Shakespeare County Raceway, Warwickshire




See Mick Fage's School of Wrestling at Northampton International Tattoo Convention




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Submission grappling is the hottest sport in martial arts today. Submission wrestling (also called submission grappling or submission fighting) is a general term describing martial arts that focus on grappling to effect a submission (admission of loss) usually by means of chokes, joint locks, and other manipulations of the opponent's body. With UFC, MMA fighting has brought back some interest in Wrestling/Grappling. Watching these fights people can see for themselves how effective grappling is. Now people want to learn how to wrestle, searching for books, tapes and internet for the knowledge. People are willing to travel across the world for the knowledge. Be aware of those training schools and self proclaimed experts who are willing to take your money off you. You do not have to spend alot of money to have success on the mat. Watch a training clip


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